Change Management SpeakerWhy you need a Change Management Speaker

Take a deep breath. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Change is hard.

We’ve all heard these popular idioms thousands of times throughout our lives, and may be tempted to brush them off as trite or meaningless.

But take a second look. There are pearls of wisdom contained in everyday sayings – especially in the old adage “change is hard.”

Whether your organization is going through a leadership change, a merger, a major downsizing, or cutbacks, any type of organizational shift – big or small – can have huge unforeseen impacts on your employees and your bottom line.

A change management speaker is the best way to help your employees frame the forthcoming changes in a positive light. Since the change management speaker is a third party, they can offer an objective perspective of the change at hand. They can also provide employees with a safe space to share fears, concerns, and questions that they would not otherwise share with management.

Any kind of change brings with it uncertainties and challenges. A change management speaker can position change as a positive trajectory for your organization, regardless of the mixed emotions that may initially result from such change. They can reframe perceptions, overcome objections, and restore employee trust in the future of your organization.

Mike Hourigan is a sought-after change management speaker who has helped hundreds of organizations successfully navigate change.

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