How to Use Positioning to Dynamically Increase YOUR Sales Results

Sales Management Training by Sales management trainer Mike HouriganIn today’s marketplace, your prospects and customers demand that you become a strategic business resource, not just another “salesperson.”  The key to attaining status   as this trusted business advisor is a concept called ‘positioning.’  Positioning means working to position yourself, your offerings, and your company as vital components of your prospects’ ultimate business success.

This interactive and upbeat session will show you exactly how to become a strategic resource for your clients and prospects. You will learn how to become a “trusted advisor” and not just another product pusher. Becoming a “strategic resource” means you’re even more than a business expert.

The choice is clear: The market can control how it perceives you or you can control how you’re perceived. This program gives you practical, immediately useable tactics and strategies to put more numbers on the board by elevating you in the minds of your prospects and customers.

Here are just a few things you will learn:

  • How to turn your territory into your market
  • Methods to get referrals without even asking for them
  • Using positioning to get you to the REAL decision makers
  • Understanding how marketing positions your product and company, and how positioning markets YOU


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