Keynote Speaker

  • Effective hiring procedures result in the correct match
  • The steps presented in this program will result in savings for you and your company
  • Five steps to hiring great employees

Understand the Law

  • Check your understanding
  • These federal laws affect the hiring process
  • Terms you should know and how they affect the hiring process

Define the Job, Qualifications, and Compensation

  • Hiring great employees starts with an accurate job description
  • Tips on writing a job description
  • Develop a right person profile: Can do, Will do, Must do
  • Factors in determining the right compensation for the right person

Screen Applicants

  • Evaluating and screening techniques for application documents
  • Create documentation of how you make your screening decisions
  • Telephone screening, Skype screening, Social Media screening

Interview Selected Applicants

  • Three purposes of the hiring interview
  • Brushing up on good listening and interviewing techniques
  • Preparing questions for an interview
  • The value of first impressions
  • Staying in control of the interview without dominating
  • Try something besides the typical question and answer interview
  • Use hiring assessments to guarantee hiring success

Make Sure Those You Hire Succeed and Stick Around

  • Proven steps for getting the new hire up to speed fast
  • What motivates people beyond money
  • Insider tips on handling the truly great workers

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