Safety Speaker and Safety Regulation Programs

Keeping safe at work isn’t just about ensuring employees are operating machinery correctly and wearing the right gear.
It’s about creating a culture of safety. Complying with workplace safety regulations and making sure that teams are communicating properly helps workers and management stay safe in situations that require hard hats. But in forming an organizational culture that puts safety first, what actions are leaders taking to reduce stress? How are managers evaluating how safe workplaces are, and what is being done to ensure that employees also feel safe?

A noted safety keynote speaker, Mike Hourigan has created safety programs for Harley-Davidson, the US Army, General Electric, and other prestigious clients who have sought out his expertise in productivity management and creating safe environments. If you need to communicate new safety regulations to your employees, Mike doesn’t make it a boring recitation of rules: the audience will be engaged and learning new ways to make the workplace safer for everyone.

Your preparation tying together our meeting theme as well as our current safety activities into your message was well received.
-President and CEO of Environmental Air Systems


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