5 Qualities of a Great Safety SpeakerSafety Speaker

The Safety Speaker you hire holds your company’s wellbeing in the palm of his or her hand. Safety is one of the most important areas of any business, but it’s also the most often overlooked.

By hiring an excellent Safety Speaker to educate and enlighten your employees, you’ll be able to create a company culture of safety where accidents are prevented, lawsuits are avoided, and your employees are empowered to do their best work.

Here are 5 crucial qualities to insist upon when hiring a Safety Speaker:

  1. A great storyteller – safety talks can be boring and dry if the speaker focuses on rules and regulations. Instead, look for a safety speaker who taps into the exciting aspects of safety, like famous adventurers who’ve used strategic safety measures to defy the odds.
  2. An experienced Safety Speaker – if you opt for a safety expert over a great Safety Speaker, your audience will miss out on the deeper aspects of safety that truly resonate. A great Safety Speakers has the experience delivering safety messages in a way that’s meaningful for the audience and sticks with them long-term.
  3. A proven track record – your Safety Speaker should have an impressive resume of past safety speaking engagements at companies with recognizable, trustworthy names.
  4. An understanding of safety principles – talk to your Safety Speaker about their approach to safety, how they’ve successfully wowed audiences with safety principles in the past, and what kind of experience they have in the safety industry.
  5. An ability to connect with your audience – the best Safety Speaker can draw specific parallels between their stories and your audience. Instead of giving a cookie cutter speech they’ve given a hundred different safety speeches to a hundred different companies. A great Safety Speaker offers targeted presentations that addresses your company’s unique safety needs.

Mike Hourigan is a Safety Speaker  for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe.

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