Safety Speaker Mike HouriganUsing a Safety Speaker to Sell Safety Safely

A safety speaker can help your organization reach its safety goals in a way that’s fun, compelling, and most of all – safe!

Safety is not – and should not – be an afterthought or a minor detail. Instead, it should be considered the most important part of your business.

After all, if your employees are unsafe in the workplace, or are inadvertently putting themselves at risk, they’re highly vulnerable to all sorts of injuries, including chronic long-term conditions, which could have been avoided by having a safety speaker conduct a safety training at your business.

Additionally, a lack of a safety training can leave your company at risk for lawsuits, heavy insurance payouts, paid sick leave for injured employees, and all sorts of costly outcomes that damage employee morale and hurt your bottom line.

A safety speaker can make safety training interesting and effective. Instead of popping in a safety video which will be instantly forgotten, an experienced safety speaker will use humor, storytelling, and real-world anecdotes to effectively communicate company policies regarding safety. They will teach best practices for your workplace and environment, and will effectively communicate the risks of taking safety shortcuts.

Safety is a concept that needs to be perfectly presented in order for your employees to take it seriously. This can be accomplished by hiring a veteran safety speaker who can relay true tales of safety successes and failures across a wide variety of industries.

Mike Hourigan is a sought-after safety speaker who helps organizations successfully reach their safety goals.

To contact Safety Speaker Mike, you can call his office at 704-907-5349
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