Sales Management Training

Sales management training is absolutely crucial to your sales team’s success. Why? Because without strong sales managers, it’s easy for your team toSales Management Training by Sales management trainer Mike Houriganfall into the trap of focusing solely on their own numbers, goals and commissions.

Sales management training programs empower managers to oversee operations in a way that unifies your team and makes every member more successful. Programs on sales management training will help your managers:

  • Delegate tasks and assignments based on individual strengths
  • Determine team weaknesses and get to the source of problems
  • Implement creative solutions that will help each team member thrive
  • Embrace an attitude of responsibility and accountability for the team’s successes and failures
  • Set individual goals for each salesperson, as well as overall goals for the team
  • Improve the team’s sales negotiation skills

Sales management training programs have a trickle-down effect on the overall growth of your company. When sales managers are given the tools and skills needed to lead their sales team through sales management training,  that sales team is given the support they need to confidently qualify leads, convert those leads into customers and keep those customers.

Beyond sales management training, programs on sales management take a bird’s eye view of the entire sales process. Sales Managers learn how to become teachers and leaders within their company. Not only do they share effective sales strategies with their team members; they help the sales team function as a comprehensive unit that is better equipped to increase company-wide sales.

Mike Hourigan is a Sales Management Trainer, Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in sales management training.
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