Seattle Keynote Speaker

5 Qualities of a Great Seattle Keynote Speaker

Seattle is on the cutting edge of technology, small business, and eco-leadership, and the keynote speaker for your next event should be no different.
Just as Seattle has led the country in environmental innovation and socially-conscious business leadership, the keynote speaker who gives your next keynote address must push the envelope in exciting, unexpected ways.

A great Seattle keynote speaker should be:

  1. Unique – Seattle doesn’t imitate, it innovates. Your keynote speaker should be a forward-thinking individual who’s not afraid to stand out from the crowd.
  2. Excellent – Seattle demands top quality in everything from its coffee to its restaurants to its tech startups. A speaker who’s ranked as mediocre elsewhere in the country will come across as flat-out bad in Seattle.
  3. Culturally sensitive – Seattle is forward-thinking, modern, eclectic and innovative, both in terms of its businesses and its population. A globally-minded, culturally sensitive speaker is crucial for this diverse market.
  4. Creative – From award-winning music groups to mouth-watering restaurants, Seattle is filled with artists. Painters, poets, hippies, and hipsters mingle with tech giants, modern startups and proven brands. Even if your company sells paper clips, a Seattle keynote speaker must demonstrate and tap into your audience’s creative side.
  5. Experienced – Seattle demands a level of quality that can only come from experience. Be sure to hire a Seattle Keynote Speaker with a proven track record that runs the gamut from large corporations to micro businesses and everything in between.

Mike Hourigan is a Seattle Business Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in change management sills, negotiation skills, and sales management programs.

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