Mike Hourigan holding a Soft Skills Training Program
Soft skills training refers to the development of a company’s emotional intelligence, both on a group and individual level, and includes such intangibles as the ability to navigate interpersonal relationships, communicate effectively using body language, and increase one’s overall sensitivity to co-workers and clients’ emotional needs.

Many of the most successful people across all industries are experts at applying soft skills to a variety of different situations in the workplace. Being able to read people accurately, listen attentively, and anticipate the meaning behind things left unsaid are some of the ways in which soft skills can get hard results.

Soft skills training is essential for companies wishing to develop healthy, productive work environments. In order to foster longevity, reduce turnover, and cultivate the kind of workplace that people enjoy coming to each day, it is necessarily to provide the appropriate tools that allow soft skills to develop and flourish.

Of course, industries need to focus on hard results, and to measure their company’s success based on quarterly returns, smart company managers are hiring speakers that specialize in soft skills training in order to focus on the subtle psychological forces that truly drive a corporation’s success.

It has been said that people don’t buy based upon offered services, or even based on well-known brands – they buy from people. Having “people skills,” therefore, is the single-most important skill to cultivate in a global marketplace. Is communication at your company at its peak, or has there been a breakdown in the application of soft skills?

Luckily soft skills can be taught, and hiring an expert speaker to lead your employees in soft skills training is the perfect place to begin.

Mike Hourigan is a Communication Skills Trainer, as well as an Author and Consultant who specializes in soft skills training.
Contact Mike at 708-875-3030, 888-PRO-KEYNOTE or send him an email


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