Soft Skills Training Programs

Soft Skills Training Program Speaker Mike HouriganOne of the most important skills you can learn in a soft skills training program is the ability to create space: space for the other person to talk, space for new ideas to form, and space to make a real connection through active listening.

Now imagine if you could use these soft skills to actively increase your bottom line. In other words, what if you could listen yourself into making more sales?

The truth is that listening, if done correctly, is the most effective way to build your business.

Instead of memorizing some scripted sales pitch or developing stock responses to customer objectives, your sales team should be focused on talking less, and listening more. A great soft skills training program will show you how to use the fine art of listening to build relationships with customers, understand their wants and needs, and offer solutions – but only after you’ve truly listened, truly heard, and truly understood what it is they’re looking for.

So often in sales we get wrapped up in the features and benefits of our products and services. Soft skills training programs are there to remind us that our focus needs to turn back to the client or customer – not so we can convince them to buy, but so that we can truly understand their point of view and solve their problems on their terms, not ours.

And when that happens, the sales pretty much make themselves.

Mike Hourigan is a soft skills speaker and soft skills trainer for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe.
To find out how Mike can help your company master soft skills call him at  1-888-PRO-KEYNOTE or fill out the form below.

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