Soft Skills Training Program Speaker Mike Hourigan

Conflict resolution is a total misnomer. Even in the very best soft skills training programs, conflict resolution is touted as the be-all-end-all of soft skills. But the focus on conflict is part of the problem – the real focus should be on the resolution.

I equate conflict resolution to going to the psychologist. While working with your therapist, you can spend your time in one of two ways: dwelling on the past and unpacking all of the things that caused your current problems, or looking toward the future and making a new plan to improve your life.

I don’t know about you, but I’m putting my money on the future.

In the soft skills training programs that I run and teach, I always focus on the resolution part of conflict resolution. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how conflict arises or what originally caused the problem. What really matters is teaching the skills to resolve conflict and solve problems, no matter who or what caused them in the first place.

When your employees are empowered with resolution skills, they can navigate any type of conflict with ease. They’ll take their focus off of conflict – which usually amounts to he-said-she-said drama – and focus instead on taking action and facilitating peace.

When choosing a soft skills training program, skip the conflict resolution training. Instead, look for resolution training and empower your employees to become active peacemakers in your organization.

Mike Hourigan is a soft skills speaker and trainer for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe. To find out how Mike can help your company master soft skills, call 704-875-3030, 888-PRO-KEYNOTE or fill out the form below:


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