The 3 “EM’s of Successful Hiring:  

  1. Where to Find ‘EM’ 

  2. How to interview ‘em’ 

  3. how to keep ‘em’ once you’ve got ‘em’


1. Introduction 


  • Effective hiring procedures result in the correct match
  • The steps presented in this seminar will result in savingsfor you and your company
  • Ten steps to hiring great employees

2. Understand The Law

  • Check your understanding
  • These federal laws affect the hiring process
  • Terms you should know and how they affect the hiring process
  • Fundamentals
  • Record keeping essentials

3. Define The Job, Qualifications, and Compensation

  • Hiring great employees starts with an accurate job description
  • Tips on writing a job description
  • What additional information will help in hiring the right person
  • Factors in determining the right compensation for the right person

4. Recruit Candidates

  • What recruitment is
  • What recruitment is not
  • A key ingredient for effective recruiting
  • Ideas for going beyond traditional means to search for great employees
  • Writing a job notice that gets the results you want
  • Examples of job notices to attract great employees
  • The internet

5. Screen Applicants

  • How screening is helpful
  • Evaluating and screening techniques for application documents
  • Create documentation of how you make your screening decisions
  • Telephone screening
  • Four areas that can be used to screen candidates

6. Interview Selected Applicants

  • Three purposes of the hiring interview
  • Brushing up on good listening and interviewing techniques
  • Preparing questions for an interview
  • The value of first impressions
  • Staying in control of the interview without dominating

7. Use Pre-Employment Testing

  • What psychological and work skills assessment tests can show you(Legal do’s and don’ts for testing potential employees)

8. Check References

  • Maneuvers to really check references
  • Permission to release information
  • Permission for references to respond

9. Make The Decision and Offer The Job

  • Selecting #1 – how to make the final cut
  • What to do when there is a need to negotiate

10. Make sure Those You Hire Succeed and Stick Around

  • Proven steps for getting the new hire up to speed fast
  • What motivates people beyond money
  • Insider tips on handling the truly great workers

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