How to Harness the Astonishing Power of your “Silent Sales Force”

Wouldn’t you like to sell like you have a sales force of 50 people even if you only have 5? You will after you implement the “sales force multiplier” strategies you will learn in this program.

Organizations continue to try to do more with less – but are they really getting better results or simply treading water? The real trick to doing more with less is doing it with the right stuff; the right stuff being your silent sales force.

Most sales forces can not grow as fast as the competition because their competition is not as definable as it used to be. Competition is coming from a varied array of areas and it continues to grow at a mind numbing rate. Mike will tell you how one company actually uses an imaginary salesperson to generate over $200,000 in sales a year. Talk about competition.

These revolutionary yet practical strategies will not only increase your sales, but can improve customer service, installation, field service, engineering, and even company morale.

The Silent Sales Force - Sales Meeting with Mike Hourigan

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