Finding a Great Tourism Keynote Speaker

The tourism industry has several stakeholders: governments who want tourism money, the hospitality industry, businesses that feel a “domino effect” from tourism, and organizations with sizable travel spending. Whether you are with a government agency or business that is looking to increase your destination marketing or an event planner whose audience is hospitality professionals, you will need to find a top-notch tourism speaker for your events.Tourism Speaker Mike Hourigan

Finding the right tourism keynote speaker can be a difficult endeavor. This area isn’t advertised as heavily as other forms of professional speaking such as motivational speakers or change management keynote speakers. When seeking out a tourism and travel keynote speaker, here’s what you should look for:

  • The types of travel the speaker specializes in. International, regional, state, local, and provincial travel conferences have a common thread but each type of conference has a different tone to set as well as different needs and audiences. Find out what types the tourism keynote speaker has the most experience with.
  • Whether the speaker has more experience with economic development conferences or retail and hospitality. While the two types of events are heavily linked by tourism, they are highly different fields. A keynote speaker with more background in hospitality than economics can bring a fresh perspective to an economic development event, but you’ll want to ensure their topics covered help set the tone of the event.
  • The scope of the event. Hotel conferences tend to have a different size audience than chamber of commerce and other government agency events. Tourism keynote speakers can address any size audience, but depending on the topics and themes presented you may want to choose experience in the topic over experience addressing large crowds.

Tourism keynote speakers may have a variety of experience speaking at retail, hospitality, downtown development, chamber of commerce, and other types of tourism-related conferences. In narrowing down the fields they have the most experience with, you’ll want to choose a speaker whose past events line up the most with your target audience as well as the size and scope of your event.

Mike Hourigan is Tourism Speaker for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe.

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