Keynote Speakers present a perfect message5 Qualities All Keynote Speakers Should (and Must) Possess

Great keynotes speeches don’t happen by accident. They are painstakingly crafted over time, drawing on trial and error, varied experiences, and the commitment of the speaker to serve their audience’s needs.

Here are 5 non-negotiable qualities that all keynote speakers must have to successfully influence their audience and inspire lasting change:

  1. Real-world experience

Keynote speakers cannot be merely inspirational. They must complement their inspirational energy and message with proven experience and methods that work in the real world. High energy is great, but only when backed up with tried-and-true tactics and tools your audience can actually use.

  1. Stage presence

The most brilliant keynote speaker on the planet falls flat without stage presence – that mysterious “je ne sais quoi” that speakers either have, or don’t have. If they have it, your audience will never be bored. If they don’t have it, watch out for a wave of contagious yawns!

  1. Teaching ability

Great keynote speakers are great teachers. They can present and convey complex ideas clearly. What’s more, they can clearly help your audience connect the dots between where they are now, and where they want to be.

  1. Storytelling power

The best keynote speakers are amazing storytellers. They use parables, stories, and anecdotes to illustrate important ideas in fascinating ways.

  1. A sense of humor

Humor is not just a ‘trick’ to keep the audience engaged. When used by a veteran keynote speaker, humor holds deep emotional appeal and earns the audience’s trust. Humor also makes key concepts memorable long after the keynote speech is over.

Looking for an experienced keynote speaker who possesses all five of these qualities and more? Look no further than Mike Hourigan.

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