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What to Look For In a Negotiation Skills Training Speaker 

Persuasiveness is a major element to strong sales negotiation skills, but negotiating isn’t solely about trying to get what you want out of another party like a client or manager. It’s also about effectively communicating to accomplish your goal, and the ability to read people and influence them as a result of that communication.

Or you could hire an Online Negotiation Skills Speaker for your company.

Negotiation skills training is popular for sales team meetings, legal departments, and other functions that inherently have longer processes with reaching closure or a settlement. However, it’s an important skill to have in any industry or role.

When hiring a negotiation skills speaker, here’s what you should look at when deciding on who should be your keynote speaker or trainer.

  • What is the current culture fit in the workplace? Negotiation skills speakers don’t just teach people how to be more persuasive, but also how to utilize body language and the environment in negotiations. If your employees are lacking the type of etiquette that your ideal and prospective clients expect, negotiations can go poorly. A speaker who can teach attendees about body language, etiquette, and other indicators is what your organization needs.
  • What specific territories or niches does your organization serve? There are speakers who specialize in cross-cultural negotiation with specific niches for different countries and regions. What may be acceptable in your home country negotiating a sale may be inappropriate in other parts of the world, and cross-cultural negotiation skills speakers can prepare your staff for international growth.
  • Are employees more reactive than proactive negotiators? When engaging a negotiation skills speaker, they need to assess how adept your employees are with negotiating and their roles. If their sales numbers aren’t that impressive or deals just aren’t going how you’d like them to, chances are that you need a speaker who can teach them how to be more proactive in negotiating instead of reactive. A proactive negotiator forms strong relationships, follows business etiquette, has good timing, and resolves conflicts while putting the other party at ease.

Negotiation skills speakers can teach your employees how to further develop their people skills and improve their confidence and how they do business. By teaching tactical strategy and how to influence people, the right speaker can turn leads into closed sales.



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