Negotiation Skills Keynote Speaker

5 Signs You Need a Negotiation Skills Keynote Speaker

A negotiation skills keynote speaker will help your sales team revamp their strategy using cutting edge negotiation tactics that are proven to work for your particular industry.

When sales are sluggish, it can be difficult to determine exactly which cog has become stuck in the proverbial machine. Often it is a lack of negotiation skills, or common negotiating mistakes, that lead to missed sales opportunities and wasted resources on customers that don’t convert.

If you’re considering hiring a sales negotiation skills keynote speaker, here are 5 signs your company will benefit from doing so:

1. Your company is growing
Rapid growth often leads to an increase in sales staff. Without proper negotiation training, new sales reps often spin their wheels, working hard but not smart. A keynote speech dedicated to negotiation skills will get them up to speed on company tactics and teach them how to hit the ground running.

2. Your sales team lacks experience
Everyone loves a sales team comprised of young, eager reps hungry to make their first sale. But with a lack of experience often comes a lack of negotiation skills which, contrary to popular belief, are not an innate talent but a learned art.

3. Your sales team is stuck in a rut
Even the most experienced teams can use an inspiring revamp from time to time. If sales have leveled off and you’re not sure why, a negotiation skills keynote speaker can infuse your team with fresh ways to negotiate better deals.

4. Your prospects aren’t converting
If your team is taking meetings, making calls, and following up on customer/client interest, but you’re not seeing a steady increase in profits, it could be poor negotiating skills. When these skills are fine-tuned, it’s possible to significantly increase the number of conversions from prospective customer to current customer.

5. You’re overspending on prospective customers
Is your sales team working too hard? If you’re seeing tons of time and money poured into negotiations that just aren’t working, it may be time for a negotiation revamp. A keynote speaker dedicated to negotiation skills can give your team what they need to succeed.

Mike Hourigan is a Negotiation Skills Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in the development and implementation of listening and negotiation skills for large and small companies.


Negotiation Skills Keynote Speaker

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