• Let’s Not Split the Difference: How to Get What You Want Through Negotiation

    Many view negotiation as a mysterious process; others see it as manipulation or dirty tricks. Good negotiation is a healthy process where everyone leaves the table feeling good about the outcome, themselves, and most importantly – each other. From buying a car to making a multi-million dollar corporate purchasing decision, the skills are the same and everything counts! Every negotiation can be the beginning of the next negotiation and every negotiation has a beginning, middle and end. The trick to successful negotiation is making sure it is following your GPS system and getting you to your desired destination. Mike Hourigan will show you how to remain confident by staying in control of any negotiation situation. Don’t enter into another high stakes negotiation – including buying a car or house – without learning these powerful skills.

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    Format: keynote, breakout, full day


  • The Hiring Economy: How to Avoid Investing in the Wrong Sales Person

    “I don’t get stress I give it!” “I can’t find the app for it on my cell.” “I’m too busy for stress.” We all laugh about it, but we all have it. If you don’t do something about stress, it leads to burnout. This fast-paced program gives you a real and amusing look at what stress is and what it does to you: from memory loss to loss of confidence, as well as losing the ability to perform. All of these can be symptoms of burn out. Let Mike Hourigan, author of the “A Tip A Day On Change and Stress Management” audio program, show you what to do and how to do it. The program is loaded with tons of stress busters and practical solutions. You will leave with a plan to dilute your stress and not burden your loved ones. You will learn the three reasons people are burning out and how ineffective worry is.

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    Format: keynote, breakout , full day

  • Taking the ‘Cuss’ out of Customer Service

    Many people feel customer service is just a fancy form of lip service. Other people feel it is their constitutional right to bully and demean anyone who interacts with customers either on the phone or in person. So what is a customer service representative supposed to do?

    This practical program is filled with real answers to real customer service situations like how to work with a customer who is wrong. You will learn the three step formula for
    • how to deal with the nasty and abusive customer over the phone
    • how to respond to an aggressive client in person
    • how to defuse any angry person
    You will learn where customers get their expectations, and when and how to follow up with a customer. In addition, you will learn some techniques to make you feel better at the end of the day and not dread the next day.

    Best of all you will leave with confidence to help you present your company and your product and yourself in any situation.

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    Audience versions: customer service, management, HR, sales, sales management
    Format: keynote, breakout, full day

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