The Definition of a Keynote Speaker

The easiest way to define a keynote speaker is to specify what a keynote speaker is NOT.

A keynote speaker is NOT someone who….

  • Presents the same tired material regardless of the audience
  • Relies on experience or ‘celebrity’ to carry them through a lackluster speech
  • Knows how to talk but can’t figure out what the audience needs to hear

No, a true keynote speaker has nothing to do with those overpriced speakers who are all flash and little substance.
Definition of a Keynote Speaker - Mike Hourigan
A true keynote speaker….

  • Caters to their audience, both in the preparation of the material and once they’re in the room
  • Understands how to listen to the audience’s silent questions and turn a one-way speech into a two-way conversation
  • Treats every keynote speech with the energy and excitement of an intern and the expertise of a veteran

A keynote speaker is defined by character and it is that character that enables them to mold the mood and ‘feel’ of your entire event.

Opt for a “flash in the pan” and your audience will leave feeling instantly drained and a little bewildered. Find a true keynote speaker, and your audience will leave your event feeling empowered with instant and actionable ideas to incorporate into their daily lives.

A true keynote speaker is defined by their ability to excite and inspire in the moment, and by how deeply their message resonates long-term. Finding someone with energy and passion is not enough; that person must deliver action-based answers to the questions your audience is struggling with most.

Mike Hourigan is a Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in Teambuilding and Teamwork.
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