How a Keynote Speaker can Engage your AudienceKeynote Speakers like Mike Hourigan like to give keynote speeches and change management trainings

As a Keynote Speaker, organizing an event for any audience is no longer the simple task it once was. Be it an academic conference, industrial convention or political rally, the audience is sure to be culturally and demographically diverse. The attention span of the average audience has grown shorter too, thanks to technology and an ever-growing need for instant gratification. So how do you make sure everyone in your audience walks away from your event having been impacted in a way that benefits the future of your company? Hire the perfect keynote speaker.

A good keynote speaker is one who can engage, inspire and motivate a diverse group of attendees while effectively delivering the key message of the event. Hiring a keynote speaker is infinitely more personal than emailing a company-wide memo, or teleconferencing as a way to inspire or facilitate change. In a world filled with tablet, smartphone and laptop screens, nothing gets an audience’s attention like a live speaker.

Naturally, the ability of this speaker to establish a personal bond with the attendees is paramount. A keynote speaker will engage the audience in various ways. Some of the most effective techniques are to employ humor, use spiritual principles to motivate and inspire, or share success stories from the speaker’s own life.

No matter what technique the keynote speaker employs, it has to cater to the entire audience and to the company culture as a whole. The ultimate aim should be to provide attendees with a practical yet inspiration-based action plan that influences them long after the event is over.

Mike Hourigan is a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in change management and communications skills training.
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