How to Find and Hire Keynote SpeakersFind a keynote speaker and hire a keynote speaker

When you need to hire keynote speakers for your event or conference, you want an amazing and effective professional with the power to motivate, inspire action, and even change lives of everyone in the audience. Follow these five steps to find and hire the perfect keynote speaker for your event!

1. Talk with your client or company management about the theme and objective of the event. What is the important message that the audience needs to walk away with when all is said and done? What is the budget? What issues facing the company most urgently need addressing?

2. Make a list of those qualities that are most important for your speaker to possess, and begin your online search with those things in mind. Watch videos, read testimonials, and be sure to Google their name! Notice your first intuitive reaction when you land on a speaker’s website or blog. How do they make you feel? Compare your impressions with your list of qualities until you can…

3. Pick the top three. When you hire keynote speakers, you must narrow it down to the three speakers that meet your technical needs and give you a good vibe. Schedule a time to speak with the keynote speaker in person, via phone or online video conference.

4. Ask tough questions. In addition to logistical basics like their fees and presentation style, ask your speaker some personal questions. What is their favorite type of presentation to give? What has been their most memorable speaking experience, and why? Their answers will give you deeper insight into who they are as a speaker and a person, and will help you determine if they’re a good fit for your event.

5. Choose the winner…and book that special keynote speaker before someone else does!

Mike Hourigan is a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in change management training.
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