Motivational Keynote Speaker Mike HouriganI don’t personally accept the keynote motivational speaker label. It seems to hold an antiquated notion of a keynote speaker who tends to get folks all excited and jazzed up to new possibilities, without much in terms of follow-through or tools to generate any firm action, change or great achievement.

Generally, I say that I am a change management speaker as well as a breakout speaker who delivers solid content in a “motivating” manner.

Although I tend not to paint myself with only one brush, for my audiences, I do much more than present one-of-a-kind keynote speeches – I provide fun and fact filled breakout sessions as well as dynamic training programs that provide tools and the techniques necessary to facilitate positive change.

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Hmmm, maybe I am a motivational keynote speaker after all…

The problem I have with this label is that it seems in itself to be paradoxical. Truth be told, I can’t motivate you. Tony Robbins can’t motivate you.  Even Bill Clinton, with all his charm and magnificent success can’t motivate you. In fact, there isn’t a single keynote motivational speaker on the planet who can motivate you to take the necessary steps for change and improvement. Only one person in truth can do that, and that person is you!

I think what a good motivational keynote speaker really does for his or her audience is deliver messages that are thought-provoking and strive to make people think about the possibility and excitement of change or improvement. Then, if the speaker gets it right, they present audience members with the practical insight into how to more effectively manage change which taps into an ability to motivate themselves.

So, am I a Keynote Motivational Speaker?

I have spent my entire career, speaking with the intention to inform, equip, entertain, stimulate and yes, “motivate” with every talk I give, so I guess by definition, if you ask me if I am a keynote motivational speaker, my answer would be, “I hope so!” No matter a speaker’s area of expertise or even the title he or she carries, every proficient keynote speaker should incorporate motivational speaker into their sessions, whether they are a sales trainer, a consultant, a change management specialist or even a niche market keynote speaker.

The goal of any effective speaker is to provide outstanding content and deliver it in an engaging way to ensure that everyone is guaranteed to come away with powerful and effective ideas that they can immediately implement in their businesses to start enhancing and improving their individual effectiveness as well as the company’s bottom line.

The reality is that even the best tools, ideas and messages need to be delivered with motivation.  I don’t paint myself with that brush of motivational keynote speaker however, people say, I am a dynamic communicator who shares powerful techniques and tools to improve and enhance the audience’s performance.  So I guess you could call me a motivation manufacturer, but please…

Just don’t call me a keynote motivational speaker!

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