Motivational Speaker Charlotte

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, Mike Hourigan who is also a Motivational Speaker typically speaks out of town and doesn’t get to enjoy the wonderful convention facilities and hotels that Charlotte, North Carolina has to offer. Mike Hourigan recently delivered a keynote speech and breakout session at the Charlotte Convention Center, NC and was thrilled with the results. Here is what Charlotte’s Motivational Speaker Mike Hourigan liked best as a Keynote Speaker at the Charlotte, North Carolina¬†Convention Center: the acoustics are great for any keynote speech, the breakout session rooms are well marked and easy to find, the staff is terrific, and most important: the convention center is located in the beautiful city of Charlotte, North Carolina.

As much as Mike likes to give keynote speeches in  Charlotte, he can also be found keynoting in Asheville, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, Greensboro and Winston-Salem.

If you are a meeting planner in Charlotte, NC and are looking for a Motivational Speaker and would like to contact Mike Hourigan please call him at 888-PRO-KEYNOTE or 704-875-3030.

Motivational Speaker Mike Hourigan can be booked as a Keynote Speaker for your next sales training or company event in Charlotte, North Carolina.
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