Don’t Hire This Keynote Speaker Fort Lauderdale

Keynote Speaker Fort LauderdaleWhen you need to book an excellent keynote speaker Fort Lauderdale, there’s a certain type of speaker that you need to watch out for.
If you accidentally book this Keynote Speaker Ft. Lauderdale for your event – which is not hard to do – you’ll end up with a Ft Lauderdale keynote speech that’s a) boring, b) ineffective, or c) all flash and no substance.

Here’s who not to hire for your next Fort Lauderdale Keynote Speaker event:

  • Keynote Speaker Ft. Lauderdale:
    The Newbie – The Newbie’s website looks great, but when you press them for videos, speaking experience, or testimonials, they suddenly change the subject. Don’t trust your event to a first-timer. Instead, look for concrete evidence of real-world speaking experience.
  • Keynote Speaker Ft. Lauderdale:
    The Rerun – Just as you don’t want to hire a keynote speaker Fort Lauderdale who’s inexperienced, you don’t want to hire a speaker who gives the same old speech every time, to every single audience, regardless of their unique problems and needs.
  • Keynote Speaker Ft. Lauderdale:
    The Flash – has a glitzy website and a grin to match. They bring audiences to their feet with heart-pounding keynotes. The problem? The flash doesn’t offer any tangible, real-world tactics for accelerating change in your organization or audience. They get you high then leave you dry… And, as any seafarer will attest, high and dry is not a good place to be in Fort Lauderdale!

To find the perfect keynote speaker in Fort Lauderdale, look for an experienced speaker who offers fresh ideas and a keynote speech tailored to the highly individuated needs of your audience.

Mike Hourigan is a Fort Lauderdale Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in negotiation skills training and communication skills training for large and small companies.

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