Negotiation Skills Training with Mike Hourigan

Negotiation Skills Training for Your Next Corporate Event:

Negotiation skills training just might be the most important training your company will ever complete. It’s also an area that is routinely neglected by meeting planners when hiring negotiation skills training keynote speakers for conventions and other events.

Why is that?

The fine art of negotiating skills training has always been associated with lawyers and salespeople, but modern negotiation skills reach far beyond closing a sale or winning a court case.

We all use negotiation skills training in nearly every area of our lives, every single day. To negotiate is not simply to convince the other party to see and do things your way; it is to seek and find a compromise that makes both parties happy, even if one person ends up spending a bit more, working a bit more, or sacrificing a bit more than they’d originally anticipated.

Negotiation skills training, then, is teaching people how to get what they want, while working within a framework that values everyone’s happiness. Beyond learning how to approach clients and coworkers when conflicts arise, what language to use and what language to avoid, when to compromise and when to stand one’s ground, and how to negotiate a final outcome that is acceptable to all involved, a good negotiation Mike Hourigan speaks on Negotiation Skill Buildingskills training with the right Negotiation Skills Trainer who caters to the internal style of the company itself.
By providing negotiation skills training that is tailored to specific company dynamics, the trainer will be able to provide fresh ideas that promote natural negotiation techniques that feel more like conversations than negotiations.

Mike Hourigan is a Negotiation Skills Training Speaker, keynote speaker, author and consultant who specializes in negotiation skills training.

Contact Negotiation Skills Training Speaker Mike at 704-875-3030, 888-PRO-KEYNOTE or fill out the form on this page.


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