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Keynote Speaker and Breakout Speaker Mike HouriganKeynote Speaker, Inspirational Speaker, or Motivational Speaker?

— How to Choose and Use the Right Motivational Keynote Speaker

So, it’s that time for your quarterly training session or conference. If you have been allocated with the task of finding a motivational keynote speaker for the conference or event, you may feel a tad plagued by all the professional public speaker options and different types of presenters available to you. In order to find the one that is right for your group, company or audience and the purpose of your event, it is essential that you understand the differences between the various types of professional speakers and presenters:  Keynote Speaker, Inspirational Speaker and Motivational Speaker. Here is a breakdown of the descriptions of each:

  • Keynote Speaker:  A keynote speaker, as the name would suggest, is a professional speaker who delivers the primary speech, or the keynote address, at an event, training session or a program. Keynote speakers are very important to the setting in which they are speaking. The choice of which keynote speaker to hire depends on the objective one is trying to achieve with the presentation. Some common keynote speaker types include: industry experts, sales professionals and change management speakers. Though a professional keynote speaker will often choose to inject some of each aspect into his or her session, most often the keynote speech will be centered around his or her own field of expertise tailored to a company or group’s needs. The designation of keynote speaker also often means that there are others that are speaking before them. Still, the last spot on the speaking schedule, often reserved for the keynote speaker, is thought to be paramount to the session and the one everyone is there to hear.
  • Inspirational Speaker: An inspirational speaker is a person intending to inspire their audiences to achieve their goals in business and/or their personal lives. These self-help experts may be authors, doctors, businesspeople, athletes, or other individuals who have overcome the odds and triumphed to great personal and professional levels.  Often, an inspirational speaker brings his or her own individual life experiences to the table in a way that moves and stirs their audiences to reach their greatest potential in life. One inspirational speaker may offer seminars or teach their techniques in classes in addition to giving speeches, while another inspirational speaker will offer individual life coaching sessions to clients.
  • Motivational Speaker:  A motivational speaker is one who often uses various emotive methods to relate and stir their audience into action or change. This type of professional speaker often aims to help people or companies with goal setting, overcoming obstacles, and achieving greater success.  Television personality Les Brown, pioneering motivational and self-help expert Tony Robbins, and Jack Canfield, who co-authored the Chicken Soup for the Soul series of books, are all examples of a motivational speaker. Motivational experts like these often conduct speaking tours throughout the country, and may offer telephone or in-person consultations as well as World Wide Web seminars.The truth is that there is a very common thread throughout each of these speakers.  Whether you choose to hire a keynote speaker, inspirational speaker or a motivational speaker, rest assured that a professional, knowledgeable and experienced speaker of any category aims to inspire their audience, but most importantly, they aim to instruct, engage and equip their audience with the tools they need to succeed!  At the very foundation of every professional speaker, be it keynote speaker, inspirational speaker of motivational speaker, is the ability to rouse, educate, persuade and equip their eager crowd of listeners.

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