Safety Speaker Mike HouriganSafety regulations are important for keeping workplace accidents to a minimum or mitigating new issues that crop up in your industry. When it comes to changes that can result from updates to safety procedures, management needs to do more than just implement the new safety regulations. Managers need to actively lead through change and assess risks, audit existing systems and processes, and develop change management standards to address the outcomes of new safety regulations.

Change is inevitable in any industry and more often than not, changes to safety regulations are a step in a positive direction. Safety protocols must be minded in order to keep both employees and customers safe from harm. This means that managers must lead through change by being adaptable to the challenges regulatory changes present and effectively lead teams of all sizes and skill levels through these shifts. Change management is just part of the leadership strategy that managers need to adopt in order to have an impact on their teams: communication is also key. Safety also isn’t just about regulations: is your organization fostering a safety culture? What about practices that frequent foster unsafe situations such as inducing stress and encouraging more competition than camaraderie?

An effective manager needs to not only keep the workplace safe by encouraging good practices and stay current on regulations, but also in being prepared for inevitable change and leading the way through it. Change management and safety culture go hand in hand as workplace issues go beyond conventional safety practices and technological shifts that herald large-scale change. By being one step ahead of the game with a robust change management strategy, managers can prepare their teams for anything that comes their way. The right safety keynote speaker can set the tone for regulatory and cultural changes

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