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Finding a good Listening Skills Speaker probably sounds like an oxymoron. After all, when looking for a listening skills speaker for your event, you’re looking for someone to speak – not someone who’s going to get up in front of an audience just to listen!

But here’s a secret every sought-after keynote speaker knows: the key to great speaking and training is to listen more than you talk.

When hiring a listening skills speaker to talk about the fine art of listening, it’s crucial to work with someone with two important qualities:

  1. The listening skills speaker will listen to your company’s needs and goals, working with you to create a presentation that will directly address those goals and offer proven solutions.
  2. The listings skills speaker knows how to teach listening skills in a way that’s clear, easy to understand, and applicable to your unique company culture.

A great listening skills keynote speaker and trainer can only teach listening skills if they themselves have mastered the fine art of listening. Once they have listened to your goals for the keynote speech, they can then develop a presentation or training session that will teach listening skills with those specific goals in mind.

If, in your initial consultation with the listening skills speaker, you feel you are not being heard or listened to, beware! The most exciting speaker in the world can’t teach your employees better listening skills if they themselves don’t know how to listen! Use a phone call or web meeting as a way to gauge the speaker’s listening skills, and in turn their ability to teach listening skills to others.

View Mike’s Listening Skills Training Outline here.

Mike Hourigan is a Listening Skills Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in the development and implementation of listening skills and negotiation skills for large and small companies.
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