Mike having fun with the audience – Video Clips

When Mike is discussing change management practices with a company experiencing extreme change, or sharing customer service tips with health care providers, he is totally engaged with his audience and they know it! When viewing these clips, it is hard to tell who is having more fun: keynote speaker Mike Hourigan or his audience.

Mike reviews the hilarious results of a fun hiring survey during a leadership training program.

Mike telling his “no hugs” story to a leadership audience during one of his change management programs.



Mike getting a leadership training program audience to applaud their accomplishments.


Mike sharing a laugh over bad grammar during a leadership training program.



Funny Keynote Speeches by Mike Hourigan


Mike does much more than present one-of-a-kind keynote speeches - he provides fun and fact filled breakout sessions as well as dynamic training programs for numerous organizations like Marriott, Disney, Harley-Davidson and even the U.S. Army.