Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan

The Top 3 Reasons Why Mike Hourigan Should Be Your Next Keynote Speaker

Your next keynote speaker should be experienced, versatile, and able to make a significant, lasting impression on your audience long after their speech is over.

A great speaker won’t just inspire your audience, entertain them, and make them laugh. A great speaker will serve as a thought leader who can provide hands-on, practical tactics for innovative change within your organization.

Here’s why Mike Hourigan is the perfect choice for your next keynote speaker:

  1. Experience

Where many keynote speakers merely talk about proven business strategies, Mike has decades of corporate experience to inform each keynote speech he gives. Not only has he spoken at Fortune 500 companies like Disney, Harley, McDonald’s, and Aetna; Mike has held executive positions at Fortune 500 companies as well. He’s led national sales teams, given over 1500 talks around the world, and is the sought-after choice of top companies, associations, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Banking and Real Estate and government clients in the U.S. and abroad.

  1. Versatility

Mike’s corporate background and extensive keynote experience have made him a master of a variety of different corporate trainings for dozens of industries. Whether your organization is struggling with sluggish sales, safety concerns, leadership challenges, or team-building issues, Mike will craft a highly-targeted keynote speech to solve your most pressing problems in a way that fits your company culture.

  1. Proven Results

There’s a reason Mike gets requested again and again by hundreds of top companies around the globe. It’s because his keynote speeches deliver proven results that work in the real world. Mike’s most popular speech, “Riding the Waves Without Getting Wet,” has generated such incredible results that many organizations have created entire events around the concepts presented in his keynote.


If you want to affect lasting change in your organization, look no further than Mike Hourigan for your next keynote speaker.

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