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The world is full of great and motivational speakers for hire at events, corporate training sessions and self-improvement venues.  But, the question any prudent event planner ought to ask him or herself before deciding upon and ultimately selecting a keynote speaker is, who is the best motivational speaker for hire?  In other words; who is the most exceptional professional speaker that can open up and connect with our group or audience on the level that we require? A tough conundrum for many meeting planners, indeed.

Hiring the best motivational speaker isn’t simply about securing an agreement with the world’s most popular and/or beloved speaking personalities.  There’s much more to building a rapport quickly with an audience than a celebrity name.  The goal for any event planner wanting the best motivational speaker relevant to their event is to find a highly accomplished speaker who specializes in the market or niche of the event or company’s missions and goals.  To say it another way: If the goal of the company event or training session is to increase productivity and sales, you’re likely not going to gain a lot of practical application by hiring a inspirational speaker who talks about personal experiences only.  Sure, that may motivate and rouse the audience and it may even pump a few audience members up to strive for greater sales results, but ultimately, the best motivational speaker for hire at this type of venue would be an solidly accomplished sales professional who conducts keynote speeches on the craft of increasing sales and productivity within an organization similar to the one he or she is speaking at.

Some of Mike’s Keynote Speeches:

The best motivational speaker for hire, then, is one who carries the greatest amount of experience, enthusiasm, and energy as well as practical application, techniques and success of your specific industry.  These are the motivational speakers that are passionate about and exude enthusiasm for the subject matter at hand.  Is it motivating?  You bet!  Exceptional speakers who speak from their heart are often the most motivating speakers there are.  Their energy is persuasive and contagious.  Their experience and knowledge is informative and useful. Their rapport with the audience is quick and engaging.  And their subject matter is authentic and natural.  All of these adding up are the main benefit of hiring the best motivational speaker for your purposes.

The objective for any group, venue or business, in hiring the best motivational speaker is to address the interests of the audience.  As the old saying goes, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care.”  Event planners often make the mistake of hiring the latest flavor-of-the-day speakers who have much experience in the speaking world indeed; nonetheless, if this speaker has much ado about nothing in your industry, you could be throwing your training events and corporate entertainment funds to the wind.

The best motivational speaker for your event will be a natural fit.  The style and content materials that the speaker brings to the table will inherently blend with the goals and ultimate purpose of the event or training session, be it; sales and productivity improvement, communications training, customer service sessions or simply a corporate entertainment event – the best motivational speaker is there to enhance, motivate and promote, the original intent of the event taking place.

Providing that a good speaker is selected for your event, the investment of hiring a motivational speaker will always pay off. The very best motivational speakers have first-hand experience, making their speeches memorable to ensure a long lasting effect. If you’re looking to hire a motivational business speaker, invite keynote speaker Mike Hourigan, and expect your group to be moved and challenged to perform at their highest level.

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