Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan

A fantastic keynote speaker knows how to infuse a room with energy, so that the audience is open to receive a message that feels tailored just for them.

A good keynote speaker is also flexible with their delivery, and able to customize and adjust their speech as they receive nonverbal feedback from their audience. While they may have several common themes that they frequently use, no two speeches will ever be exactly alike.

The best keynote speakers inspire their audiences to take action, both on a company-wide and personal level. By tailoring their content to reach specific goals, the speaker creates a world in which success is not only possible, but imperative for the success and well-being of each and every team member.

A great speaker will meet with you in person if possible, and discuss your goals and concerns regarding the upcoming event. Beyond discussing the event itself, the savvy keynote speaker will take ample time to question and investigate those issues that have been the most challenging for your employees and staff. They may meet with and interview people from different departments in order to gain varying perspectives on how these challenges manifest within the company. In order to give your speaker everything he or she needs to create a riveting keynote speech, it’s important to provide them with the time and resources necessary to get to know your company intimately.

An investment in a winning keynote speaker is an investment in the future of every employee in your company.

Mike Hourigan is a Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in communications skills training.

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