Your Next Sales Meeting Agendasales meeting agendas

Creating a compelling, effective sales meeting agenda is absolutely essential to the success of any sales meeting, whether it’s a national event or a weekly office check-in.

When deciding on your sales meeting themes, consider the toughest challenges your team is currently dealing with. Make sure the broader meeting theme addresses the specific problems your salespeople are facing. Is lead generation the biggest issue, or is it closing the deal? Ask your sales people to share their ideas, questions and concern before the meeting, and incorporate their feedback into your sales meeting agenda.

Sales meetings can be used to:

● Introduce and demonstrate a new product, service or technology
● Acknowledge your sales team for their accomplishments and growth
● Facilitate group learning and group problem solving
● Solve complicated sales challenges and customer issues
● Update salespeople on current market trends and how the economy is impacting their customers

Other sales meeting ideas include allowing your salespeople to develop sales meeting themes and agendas, doing case studies of particularly successful closing strategies, and engaging meeting attendees in fun ‘get-to-know-you’ team building activities.

One thing a sale meeting should not be is a waste of time. Your salespeople need to be out in the field or online generating and following up on leads, or a million other things, so it’s important your sales meeting provides them with valuable tools to do just that.

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