The 3 Types of Sales Meeting Speakers

Sales-Meeting-SpeakersSales meeting speakers are not all created equal.
If you’re looking for a speaker for your next sales meeting or sales conference, choosing the right type of sales meeting speaker is crucial to the success of your overall event.

Sales meeting speakers come in three distinct breeds. Knowing the difference between the sales meeting speakers will help you choose a speaker who can deliver exactly what your team needs, when they need it.

  • A sales skills speaker teaches concrete, tangible skills that your team can incorporate into their overall sales strategy. These types of sales meeting speakers are great educators and can give lots of real-world examples as to how to implement each skill they teach.
  • A motivational sales speaker is the perfect choice if your team needs an overall morale boost. If you feel your strategy and skills are up to par, but your team hasn’t been delivering lately, hiring a sales meeting speaker who is an inspiring and motivational speaker will help get your team back on track in terms of energy and dedication to company goals.
  • A sales strategy speaker is a high-level sales expert who can help you implement an effective strategy for your team, or revamp a strategy that’s simply not working. These types of sales meeting speakers can also work with small groups in breakout sessions to impart the skills needed to implement the proposed strategy.

Ideally, you want to hire sales meeting speakers who can wear all three hats, offering inspiring keynote speeches while providing strategical knowledge and practical skills.
Mike Hourigan is Sales Meeting Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in sales strategy and negotiation skills training for large and small teams.

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