The Travel & Tour Agent’s Guide to Happy Customers: How to Keep Clients through Exceptional Service

What is the Big Deal about Client Services in the Tourism Industry?

  • The employee’s perspective
  • The travel agency’s perspective
  • The vacation client’s perspective
  • The business traveler’s perspective
  • The 6 reasons we lose most return buyers
  • Why we want the customer to complain about a bad destination or travel experience
  • Why customers get upset – The List
  • How to avoid some of the major upsets in the travel world

Effective Communication with your Travel & Tour Clients

  • Knowing what the customer expects from their destination experience
  • The 4 minute rule
  • I know what I mean, but do you?
  • How to use the 3 F’s in travel service
  • A look at the powerful non-verbal’s
  • The difference between common sense and working knowledge
  • Industry buzz words that are guaranteed to get you in trouble
  • How to avoid fight starters
  • How to keep a confrontation from escalating
  • How to defuse an angry customer
  • Don’t let them “shop” you  with other tour agencies
  • What you can say to yourself after a confrontation

Establishing a Travel Service Preventative Maintenance Program

  • What do the typical tourism clients expect in person?
  • What do they want on the phone?
  • Making sure travelers get what they want
  • How to use the easy rule of travel sales and service
  • The supervisor’s perspective
  • Understanding the ABC’s of customer service
  • The three D’s of management
  • How to spot customer service burnout

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