How to Choose the Right Sales Meeting Speaker

Do you want to find the perfect sales meeting speaker for your next sales meeting?
If so, there are two important things you need to look for.

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#1: A Proven Track Record

Great sales speakers need to have a proven track in two distinct areas: sales and speaking. A great salesperson with no speaking experience won’t be able to effectively communicate ideas in an actionable way. Strong speakers are also strong teachers – they’re able to take ideas and make them tangible for your audience.

But in order to effectively influence your sales team, the speaker you choose must also have a proven track record as a great salesperson. Without real-world sales experience, they’ll come across as a mere ‘motivational speaker’ – all fluff and no substance. They’ll also have a harder time earning the respect and trust of your audience.

#2: A Great Listener 

Does it surprise you to learn that great sales presentations are all about listening? If you want excellent sales training from a top-notch sales meeting speaker, look for someone with great listening skills.

These listening skills will be immediately apparent from your first phone call or interview with them, when they’ll ask about your needs and goals in hiring a sales training speaker. You’ll also notice them listening while they speak to your team – reading between the lines, picking up on nonverbal cues, and having a true conversation with the audience as they speak.

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