It may sound redundant, but it’s true. A simple fact of life is that people change. While change management is a holistic and long-term strategy of preparing teams and other stakeholders for change and guiding them through the challenges arising from it, sometimes a change management strategy just isn’t solely about organization-wide change management itself.Change Management Speaker Mike Hourigan speaks on Change Management

It’s about people’s reaction to change. How people themselves also change over time.

Culture and technology certainly play a role in change and change management, as is evident in the large amount of multi-generational workforces seen today. Life experience is also what changes people: think about authors who start books and don’t finish them until 10 years later. It wasn’t so much that the act of writing a book alone was so onerous, but the fact that they changed so much in just one, two, or three years let alone 10. The people we meet and stories we hear, the media we consume, events that happen both globally and in our communities: all of them shape and change us. How can these all translate into change management and being prepared for whatever may come? Understanding how people change is key to a successful change management strategy and preparing the entire team for what may come.

Some people are highly adaptable and cope with change just fine. People who’ve been more set in their ways need additional help and motivation during times of momentous change. In addition to understanding how people change, how people also react to and cope with change is a major part of change management. It’s not always just about change management itself, but understanding the psychological aspects of change and why some people are always ready for it while others take so long to adjust.

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