What To Look For in Change Management Speakers Change Management Speaker Mike Hourigan speaks on Change Management

Change is an inevitable part of life, and business is no exception. Change management is what guides organizations in becoming prepared to adopt change- and adapt to it easily- and support others within the organization in order to achieve goals and strive for positive outcomes.

Just like people, change isn’t a monolith. People adapt to change differently despite it being inevitable, but change management lends leaders a structured approach for equipping and supporting employees while going through this change. That change may be from a technological or cultural shift, or a more concrete form like a merger or partnership.

When seeking a change management speaker, here’s what you should consider:

  • Individual change management: Change Management Speakers who specialize in individual change management are attuned to the psychological (and even physical) reactions that people have as a result of change. Understanding how people experience change and why they are often resistant to it is how change management speakers will structure their engagements. Experience with psychology and workplace interpersonal development initiatives is usually a plus for this type of speaker.
  • Organizational and initiative-based change management: If your organization is going in a new direction, a change management keynote speaker helps teams overcome the challenges inherent to the relevant projects driving that change. The change management speaker boosts morale to the team as well as those impacted by the project, and has likely advised those in project management roles before.
  • Enterprise change management: An actual shift in the enterprise may be taking place due to a merger, acquisition, or reorganization. However, capability in an enterprise context means that effective change management becomes an integral part of structuring the organization, its processes, and leadership trajectories. A change management speaker who is experienced with advising the C-suite on leadership decisions is your ideal candidate.

There are many change management speakers who focus on change management be it organizational, competitive, technological, or cultural change. Your ideal change management keynote speaker will assess your organization and objectives for hiring a speaker prior to the event, but you should have an idea of what type of change management challenges your organization is currently facing (or expecting to face in the near future.)


Mike Hourigan is a Change Management Speaker for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe.

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