It’s not news that business leaders are eager to learn everything about millennials. It makes sense – this age group is going to be larger than Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, and soon will be representing a significant part of the workforce as they enter and advance.

Millennials are also going to be current and future customers as well, making it even more important that good marketers understand how they think, dress, act, buy and even speak differently than previous workplace generations.

Keynote speeches can share all sorts of strategies to interact better and learn from their general casual approach to much of life, appreciation of affirmations, and not being rigid in areas such as dress codes or daily schedules.

Multi Generational Workforce Keynote Speaker Mike HouriganBut a good keynote presentation can also emphasize that it should be a two-way street, especially when an organization wants to find ways for everyone to collaborate and be productive.

A message of “here’s how to be more like millennials” is a good start, but a more dynamic topic can be “here’s how millennials can learn about [another group].” This approach can be good for multi-generational workplaces where the goal is everyone’s productivity.

This topic can also be useful for sales environments, where it’s vital to focus on who the customer is, what they want and how they want to be treated.

For instance, veteran salespeople should be learning better skills to interact with younger entrepreneurs – this could help them get the word out and create the foundation for future business.

But what about the younger sales executive wanting to approach a prospect from another generation? Going in ‘full millennial’ might not be as effective as utilizing useful methods of interaction for other generations. But if all their skill sets are from their own generation, and the only training they’ve received (or provided) is how their peers act or think, the conversation might not go as well as it could…

So multi-generational keynote presentations might be the most effective way to teach the best practices for all generations, everything from how to greet someone to what to wear.

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