Should I hire an Inspirational Speaker or a Motivational Speaker?

The difference between a Motivational Speaker and an Inspirational speaker is subtle; on many levels the two are interchangeable, and both types of speakers often possess similar qualities.

Motivational Speakers typically help organizations, leaders and individuals become more efficient and excited about what they’re already doing. When employees have lost their motivation to perform adequately or further excel in their current positions, a motivational speaker can renew their passion for their work.

If complaints about customer service and employee attitudes begin to surface, an organization may benefit by hiring a motivational speaker to help employees uncover the source of the discontent, consider possible solutions, and regain a sense of excitement about their jobs and the people they serve.

An Inspirational Speaker takes motivational speaking to the next level. Inspirational speakers are the heroes, visionaries and dreamers whose personal lives are often testimonies to the human spirit. Their compelling tales of inspiration cannot help but make audiences look at the big picture of their own lives, encouraging them to aspire to be the best version of themselves possible.

A great inspirational speaker is extremely passionate about their message and easily delivers it in a relatable and riveting manner, all the while drawing the listener in on a deep emotional level.

While a motivational speaker will help your company improve morale and work relations, a good inspirational speaker moves beyond the workplace, reminding each listener of their individual humanity, and reminding them of their own inherent greatness. 

International Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant Mike Hourigan can inspire and motivate, but whenever possible, prefers to inspire.

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