Motivational Speakers Aren’t Just For The Misguided Anymore 

Are motivational keynote speakers only for personal development junkies looking to lose weight, get rich quick, or finally find true love?

While the term “motivational speaker” used to be associated with high-energy performers who were all flash and no substance, a new breed of motivational speakers has emerged to make these ‘all flash no substance’-types a dying breed.

The new motivational speaker offers depth, expertise, and practical tips your audience can immediately implement into their lives. In addition to motivating and inspiring your audience, these speakers provide proven strategies and actionable insights to effect lasting change.

Because of this trend toward higher quality motivational speakers, more and more Fortune 500 companies and top associations are using these speakers for leadership trainings, change management, conflict resolution, safety trainings, and other crucial areas of business development. In this way, high quality motivational speakers have become a force to be reckoned with in both the business world and the personal development world.

Since this new breed of motivational speaker has become more sought after and more successful, we’re seeing less and less of the flashy, pie-in-the-sky speakers who promise the world but never tell their audiences how to get there.

As an event planner, you truly can have it all: a speaker who motivates and inspires with high energy and passion, but who also backs up that passion with proven experience, real-world tactics, and practical tools your audience can use right now.

Mike Hourigan is a sought-after motivational speaker who has helped over 1500 organizations successfully reach their goals.

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