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It’s been said that New Yorkers are loud because they have so much noise to compete with in the pulsing, vibrant city that is the Big Apple. New York keynote speakers are no different – they can’t afford to be. A droning, lackluster keynote speech will drown amidst the excitement of NYC. Audiences will be bored, distracted, and long to get back out on the street and enjoy everything NYC has to offer.

The best keynote speakers in New York are those who not only match the city’s pace and energy, but those who take that energy one step further. New York is a city of hard work and achievement. But a business keynote speaker who merely parrots tired idioms about good salesmanship will be crushed under the roar of manic New York minds.

In order to cut through the din of fast paced modern life and business that’s conducted at the speed of light, New York business keynote speakers must inspire. And that’s no small order – it’s not easy to inspire New York audiences, who have seen and heard it all. An experienced New York motivational keynote speaker knows how to create and present a keynote speech that cuts to the heart of what drives business in the first place: the passionate human spirit.
Tell New Yorkers how to make more money, and they’ll listen – for a second. Show them how their role in your company is meaningful on a global scale, and they’ll not only listen – they’ll remember.

The very best keynote speakers in New York are spellbinding in the moment, but also speak to your audience on a level so personal, so specific to their needs, that the lessons learned and dreams inspired during the event last for years to come.

Mike Hourigan is a New York Keynote Speaker, Author and Consultant, who specializes in negotiation skills training, communications skills training and change management.

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