How to Find a Portland Motivational Speaker

The key to finding the perfect Portland, OR Motivational Speaker for your next event is to first consider what Portland Oregon Motivational Speakermakes Portland great. Only by taking a look at a city’s qualities can you find the perfect Portland Motivational Speaker for your Portland audience.
Portland prides itself on balance. Most American cities tend toward extremes – they’re either big sweeping metropolises or quaint small towns. They’re known for their nightlife or their outdoor activities.
Somehow, Portland has managed to create a perfect balance between everything a great city should offer. The city skyline, complete with skyscrapers and modern buildings, is tempered by the Willamette River and the stunning views of Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helen’s. Even the weather is balanced – warm but not too hot in summer, cool but not too cold in winter.
A great Portland Motivational Speaker is able to offer their audience a knockout speech that is both inspiring and balanced: uplifting in its message, but practical in terms of tactics and implementation. A motivational speaker who only seeks to inspire, or who only offers practical business ideas, will certainly fall flat with a Portland audience.
To find the perfect Portland, OR motivational speaker, look for someone who is able to incorporate a variety of different elements into his or her speech. Humor, storytelling, and a down-to-earth persona will serve to complement proven business experience and professional expertise, leaving your Portland audience looking forward to next year’s conference.
Mike Hourigan is a Portland Motivational Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in change management, team building and communications skills training.
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