Why Should I Hire a Professional Keynote Speaker?

Whether your organization is a charity looking to get more donors, a large corporation that needs to motivate its sales team, or an event planner putting together a conference that you hope will be a meeting of minds-- hiring a professional keynote speaker can be a very smart move. Here's why you need one for your next major event.

  • The Professional Keynote Speaker helps set the tone for the event. Did you know that the origin of the term "keynote" itself originates in music? It means that the tone is played prior to the song so you know what key it should be sung in. That concept carried into the event planning world by having the keynote speaker set the tone of the event. It doesn't matter when that keynote speech is delivered: it should be symbolic of the event.
  • Generate media interest. If your event or company is not very well-known but gets an industry expert to be the keynote speaker, even some small press outlets that report on the event through traditional channels or social media can generate some free PR.
  • The audience should be taught something. A keynote speaker can include concrete instruction such as teaching your employees how to use tools and software, or a more abstract learning experience by making a huge difference with a new perspective.
  • The right keynote speaker will help sell tickets and/or keep the intended audience interested. Well-known speakers can be a huge draw for a conference or convention. For a sales meeting or other large corporate event, employees may feel forced to attend and not be interested. Having a funny and engaging speaker with a reputation however can make them look forward to the event and stay engaged.

Professional keynote speakers engage audiences and motivate them for a living. If you want your event to be memorable and not simply a collection of sponsors and exhibitors at a convention, or a team meeting that entails being spoon-fed a list of talking points, you need to book the ideal speaker to bring your event to life.

Mike Hourigan is a Professional Keynote Speaker established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe.

To find out how Professional Keynote Speaker Mike can help your company, call 704-875-3030, 888-PRO-KEYNOTE fill out the form on this page.


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