What Can a Keynote Speaker Do For You In Addition to Giving a Speech?Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan

Hiring a keynote speaker is a major component of putting together a fantastic and effective conference, meeting, or other event. There are many ways that a professional keynote speaker can provide value for your organization that go beyond simply leading a meeting or setting the tone for a conference.

A knowledgeable and respectable professional keynote or motivational speaker will account for their skills, experience, and reputation when setting their fee. However, instead of focusing on how you can reduce the costs of running the event by getting a cheaper speaker, you should seek out getting the most value out of hiring a keynote speaker. Here are some ways that keynote speakers can help achieve your organizational goals or otherwise provide immense value in addition to giving speeches.

One-on-One Meetings

If the keynote speaker can provide some one-on-one meetings with members of the audience after their speech, this is a major way that they can provide value. Depending on the size of the meeting and how much of the speaker’s time you have booked, this can range from a few short talks to providing a significant amount of coaching and motivational speaking with your team members.

Coaching Your Team

In addition to the individual level, a keynote speaker can assist with team-building exercises and other aspects of education and mentorship that your organization is otherwise unequipped to provide. This can be in a separate event or the same day depending on how many attendees there are.

Consulting and Expertise for the C-Suite

You’re hiring the keynote speaker for their superior skills in keeping your audience engaged as well as any other attributes you were looking for such as industry experience. The speaker can also provide custom consulting and perspective to the C-suite for change management, a new direction the organization is taking, specific projects, or other challenges the organization is currently facing.


In getting the most out of hiring a professional keynote speaker, you should definitely look to these value-added possibilities particularly when it comes to the follow-up aspects of a successful meeting.


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