The Top 5 Traits of a Great Motivational SpeakerHire the best motivational keynote speaker Mike Hourigan

Choosing the perfect motivational speaker for your conference or sales meeting can make or break the entire event. If your breakout sessions are energizing and inspiring, but your keynote speaker falls flat, your audience will leave soured on the whole conference.
But with hundreds – maybe even thousands – of motivational speakers out there, how are you supposed to tell the duds from the studs (or studettes)?

Here are 5 key traits that are easy to detect in every great motivational speaker:

1. Authenticity
There’s nothing worse than a motivational speaker who’s all flash and no substance – it’s sort of like watching a car salesman on stage. Great motivational speakers are able to connect with their audiences on a personal, human level while revealing their own authentic selves.

2. Reach
Great motivational speakers deliver a message that reaches far beyond the end of the day, or even the end of the conference. A great motivational speech resonates with an audience at a core level, and has the power to making a lasting impact in many different areas of their lives.

3. A sense of humor
Great motivational speakers realize that using humor is more than just a way to make the audience laugh. Humor helps an audience let their guard down, which in turn makes them more receptive to the deeper message being delivered.

4. Inspiration
The greatest motivational speakers are able to inspire their audiences in ways that reach beyond business and success at work. They’re able to inspire every individual to strive for success in their personal lives as well.

5. Specificity
The best motivational speaker you hire will get specific with your audience about the challenges facing their company right now.

Mike Hourigan is a Motivational Speaker, Author and Consultant who specializes in negotiation skills, change management, and communications skills training.
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