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Are You Dreading Picking This Year’s Closing Speaker?

You should, because your closing speaker may be the last to speak but will be the first remembered by your audience.

Closing Speaker Mike Hourigan holds closing and keynote speeches on the following topics:


The convention closing speaker slot is one of the most feared by professional speakers and meeting planners alike. Veteran convention speakers know the closing speech is the last hurdle before people head for home. Meeting planners know people are generally groggy and less sharp because of the long convention hours. They also know their audience will remember the closing speaker more than any other!

Here are some of the factors contributing to the angst about the closing speech:

  • Sales people may be texting their clients about the new product introduction.
  • Some are thinking about their new opportunities or unnerving challenges if a merger was just announced.
  • Some may already be thinking about their weekend plans.
  • Everyone is concerned about catching up after being away for a few days.
  • Over sleepers are worried about packing and making their plane.

Plus, room dynamics will suffer because of the empty seats created by early departures.

A great closing speaker must be able to create an electrifying atmosphere where intriguing ideas are shared in a fun and memorable way. A great closing speaker will incorporate some of the details of the meeting and include the “call to action” or new slogan into their program. A great speaker will send your group off with a message that will stick to their memories like Velcro. Mike Hourigan understands all of these factors and creates incredibly compelling closing speeches for your gathering.

“Mike Hourigan did a masterful job of weaving our products and theme – ‘cracking the code’ into the program.”
-Director Trade Marketing & Sales Development, Pactiv Corporation
Closing Speaker Mike spoke for the Pactiv Corporation

Mike Hourigan is the closing speaker who wants your audience to leave energized and ready to attack their next assignment armed with new tools and a greater appreciation for your organization. People leave Mike Hourigan’s closing speeches ready to confront challenges with a new exuberance, with a dedication to what is important and thanking you for booking him.

So, if you want a compelling closer with the nerve to stand between your audience and the door, contact Mike Hourigan at 1-888-PRO-KEYNOTE  (888-776-5396).

“Your closing speaker presentation was a great end to a long and productive day for our leaders. You were able to keep them engaged until the end and I did not see one person sneak out to beat the traffic”
– Corporate Educator, Novant Health

Closing Speaker Mike Hourigan for client Novant Health




Closing Speaker Mike Hourigan

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