Safety Speaker Mike HouriganYou may never know all of the accidents you prevent, but you will always remember all of your safety hiring mistakes. In this illuminating keynote, Mike Hourigan cautions safety managers on what to look for in potential candidates to avoid hiring an on-the-job hazard.


• Hiring safe employees is a process

• Five steps to hiring responsible employees

• Bad attitude = bad hire = bad risk

Safety and the Law

• These laws are a part of your safety hiring process

• Hiring safe-minded employees, the basics

• Defining the job and safety expectations
Hiring low-risk employees starts with an targeted job description

• A job description that delivers safer results

• More information requested will help in hiring a safer worker

• Determining if a candidate has a bad attitude

Screen Applicants for a Safety Attitude

• Know what to screen for and how to do it

• Telephone screening

• Skype screening

• Social Media screening

• Four areas to focus on when screening candidates

Interview Candidates

• Three purposes of the hiring interview

• Interviewing techniques to guarantee successful results

• Questions for an interview

• This question will let you know exactly what they think about safety

• Safety and first impressions

• Guiding the interview to determine suitability without dominating

• What to expect

Safely Using Pre-Employment Assessments

• What some hiring profiles can really tell you about a candidates

• What you need to know about properly reading assessments

Check References

• Superior maneuvers to thoroughly check references

Keeping your Best and Safest Employees Around

• Proven steps for getting the new hire up to speed fast and safely

• What motivates people beyond money

• Insider tips on handling the truly great workers

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