3 Effective Safety Ideas From A Safety SpeakerSafety Speaker Mike Hourigan

A Safety speaker has a unique perspective on safety because Safety Speakers are familiar with a wide variety of safety practices used across multiple industries.

While no two companies are exactly alike, here are three key safety ideas, from a professional Safety Speaker, that will promote organizational safety in any industry:

  1. Use safety to inspire – some of the most exciting, dangerous professions in the world require the most stringent approaches to safety. Share stories of mountain climbers, deep sea divers, fighter pilots, and adventurers to frame safety as an interesting, exciting part of your company’s culture.
  2. Share stories of wins and losses – One of the most effective ways to promote workplace safety is to share true stories of safety wins and losses. Clearly articulating what happens when safety standards are met, and what happens when they aren’t, will deeply impact your employees. Depending on the sensitive nature of these types of stories, it may be best to hire a safety speaker to relay them.
  3. Deconstruct injuries – When accidents occur, the best way to prevent them in the future is to look at exactly how they happened. Instead of simply reiterating safety rules, don’t be afraid to get granular and examine the different elements that contributed to safety loss at your company. Sometimes the poor safety choices of individuals are the best learning tools for everyone else.

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Mike Hourigan is a safety speaker for established companies, organizations and events throughout the United States and Europe.

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