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When Did We All Learn to Panic?

​As a change motivational speaker and change management speaker, I must obviously be aware of the present business climate, with research into trends and projections into the future. However, in speaking on negotiating change both in-person and virtually, I try to be a student of history. Much of the panic over change might be ascribed to social media or 24/7 cable news, but should we fear change or adjust to it in a rational sense?

​The Climate of Change
​A consensus of opinion seems to indicate that business can expect to see at least 7 changes in the year ahead:

1. Sigh of relief post-COVID – Generally speaking, business is more optimistic (but it is hardly blind to change).
2. Changes in start-up funding practices – Entrepreneurs will continue to find unique ways to crowdfund and innovate fundraising.
3. Demands for diversity and inclusion – Business must become more inclusive and diverse.
4. Demand for contractors – Outside labor will continue to be used at higher levels.
5. Shift in how tasks are handled – Given current labor shortages and the uncertain unemployment picture, we should expect increasing dependence on robotics and virtual tools.
6. Greater environmental awareness – There will be much more attention paid into “waste,” from plastics and paper to over-packaging and air quality.
7. Governmental regulation – Governmental regulation will continue to tighten, especially in and around the issue of climate change.

As I speak to groups on negotiating change in the workplace, I often ask, “What is new under the sun?” If we go down my list, we will recognize that all of these changes have been demanded of us – in one form or another – for decades.
Why are so many businesses, promotional boards and associations panicking now?

Not to Be Flippant
Not to be flippant, but if we go through my list above, there is little new “under the sun.” However, I will concur that some of the change actions we must address much sooner than later. Organizations are panicking because they know they must negotiate changes without further delay.

I believe there is panic because all of the “kicking the can down the road” has caught up with business and it is past due to stop the game.

In terms of cautious optimism, how are we looking at the economic uncertainties? How are we planning for them? As to funding, are things really different in intent in 2021 as they were in 2011 or 1931 for that matter? As to diversity and inclusion, there is no choice BUT to address issues of inequality. It is long past due.

As to labor shortages, American business has often relied on contract labor from pre-WWII to the present. How are you navigating that change? Robotics will continue to be a production issue as it once was an issue in the automotive industry, watch what will happen when we see robotic baristas and chefs!

Why shouldn’t we have greater environmental awareness and less waste? I could even argue that awareness of the problem has waxed and waned over the years, it has not been a steadily increasing awareness. And certainly, governmental influence – good or bad – has always been with us, we must adjust to that influence.
Negotiating change is nothing new, but whether we “welcome” panic or not, is up to all of us.

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